What’s Your Trigger?


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One day I was watching a movie. I bet everyone has seen the movie “Jaws” starring Richard Dreyfuss. There is a scene in the move where they are in a boat and they are chumming for sharks. They are putting blood in the water because they want to catch Jaws.

That little trigger gave me an idea.

A thought.

And it was that thought that launched a product.

I thought, “Well, you know what? Smaller fish are just like big fish. They are attracted by blood, especially blood from a wounded fish.”

I took the same concept as my cleaning bullets and applied it to making chum for fishing. I had the bullets made into blood bait with chicken gut, minnow, mica and blue cheese in them. A real salad bar, huh?!?

The outcome was a dissolvable blood bait pellet, Then I designed a fishing lure I call the ONE SHOT FISHING SYSTEM. It looks like an ordinary lure but it’s got a secret compartment in it, in the bottom. You pop a bullet in there and that fishing lure turns into a chum fizzer and attracts fish like you wouldn’t believe!

I went on to make an infomercial for the ONE SHOT FISHING SYSTEM and had commercial success. All because I let my mind wander while watching Jaws. The ideas are there, folks. You just have to be ready to embrace them when they come!

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