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I have 12 patents and numerous other products I have chosen not to patent for one reason or another. And what I want to impress upon you is that when inventors and entrepreneurs start talking about their past and all the wonderful things they have done (shouting “Look at me!” all the while) they give the impression that everything they do is perfect.

It’s not.

A true entrepreneur, one who has realized success, has probably had a dozen failures leading up to the big hit.

It’s a numbers game when you are developing products and being an entrepreneur. I’m a seasoned veteran of the game nowadays and my one claim to fame is that I have never held a “real” job. Sure, my wife has recommended it a few times, but I just couldn’t do it. I had too much to share with the world and loved the thrill of bouncing from project to project looking for the next home run.

And if you are wanting to get in the game, you have to know the rules. Not every product is a winner … if fact, most AREN’T. But if you have the guts to hang in there, the willingness to listen to folks like me who have been there/done that, and the ability to move from THOUGHT to ACTION that softball is waiting for you to knock it out of the yard.

When that pitch comes and you put your best swing on it, it is likely that your home run will more than make up for all the strikeouts you experienced in the past. So keep your head up, stay in the game and memorize this Cactus Jackism:

“It’s no secret. Winners just do what others won’t.”

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