The Greatest Salesman You’ve Never Heard Of


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When you think of great salesmen, who do you think of? Anthony Sullivan? Billy Mays? Willy Loman? (hopefully not that last one.)

While there are many amazing salesmen who have come into national recognition, there are countless others still that are creating stupendous pitches in their local communities. Here is one that is probably one of the greatest I’ve ever seen – Joe Ades, known as the “Gentlemen Peeler”, gives a 5-minute demonstration of his Swiss potato peeler. After his amazing pitch, he goes on to sell multiple peelers a $5 a pop. Not a bad haul for sitting on a lawn chair and peeling some carrots.

Take a look at the video, and see if his pitch’s persuasiveness can travel even through the internet.

  1. Rev.Robert Lacy07-10-11

    Inspiring Chap , lovely to see & a good pitchman!

    Thanks JacK .

  2. William07-31-11

    What happened to Body Jac. It’s been awhile

    • cactus07-31-11

      It’s on it’s way! We had an issue with our manufacturer; as soon as we get an update we’ll let you know.

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