30 Ways to Market a Product or Service


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Image DescriptionCactus Jack is an expert at marketing products and service. About nine years ago, he released a DVD detailing some of his ways to market a product or service (you can view the original commercial for it on YouTube). Now, he’s posted the list of the avenues he uses for effective marketing for free, updated for 2011:

  1. Direct to Customer
  2. Television Commercials
  3. Infomercials
  4. Web Sites
  5. T.V. Shopping Networks
  6. Party Plans
  7. Mail Order Houses
  8. Resident Buyers
  9. Fairs and Expositions
  10. Chain Stores
  11. Discount Stores
  12. Lease Departments
  13. Supermarkets
  14. Free Publicity
  15. Rack Jobbers
  16. Wholesalers
  17. Sales Reps
  18. Franchising
  19. Exporting
  20. The US Government
  21. Direct Mail
  22. Co-Op Mailing
  23. Trade Shows
  24. Advertising Specialties
  25. Premiums
  26. YouTube
  27. Facebook
  28. Twitter
  29. Blogs
  30. LinkedIn


Try some of these avenues out, and you’re sure to get more exposure for your own offering!

Featured image courtesy of Flickr user Ian Muttoo.